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Acana Review

Acana Review

by Top10BestDogFood Staff

Updated July 21, 2020

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Acana makes Biologically Appropriate dog and cat foods with ingredients from fresh regional sources and made start to finish in their own award-winning kitchens. Biologically Appropriate dog food is closer to your pet’s ancestor’s natural diet, containing higher levels of meat and fats, and lower levels of carbohydrates. Acana is one of two food product lines owned by Champion Pet Foods.

Why Acana?

Acana truly goes the extra mile to use regional, quality ingredients with zero chemicals and only natural preservatives. Their meals are loaded with protein (up to 60%, twice as much as conventional dog goods) sourced from a variety of meats, not plants.

Biologically Appropriate

Biologically Appropriate dog food is a new class of meat-rich foods that mirror the evolutionary diet of dogs. The eating anatomy of modern domestic dogs is the same as their ancestor, the gray wolf, so it’s no surprise their food requirements remain constant in quality, freshness and variety of meats that nature intended them to eat. All Acana foods follow nature’s 5 rules: 1) rich in meat and protein (Acana is a leader of dog food in protein), 2) high fresh meat inclusions (half of the meats included are fresh or raw), 3) abundant variety of meats, 4) wholeprey meat ratios, no need for synthetic ingredients to compensate as Acana’s ratios of meat, organs and cartilage mirror the natural diet, and 5) fresh fruit and vegetables, all produced regionally in the USA.

Acana’s standards are very high when it comes to the amount and quality of meat in it’s food products. The other ingredients – fresh fruit and veggies – are also regionally sourced and high-quality, following the Biologically Appropriate guidelines.

Best Option For All life stages & Seniors

Acana’s award-winning lamb and apple formula is perfect for diet-sensitive dogs. It features only one easily digestive animal protein: Suffolk Lamb, and is paired with 50% local Kentucky fruits and vegetables. This Limited Ingredient Diet formula, including tasty ripe butternut squash, is an excellent choice for even the fussiest eater.


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The Bottomline

Acana is loved by dogs nationwide and it’s clear why: recipes are loaded with protein (all from meat, never plants) and feature high-quality, regionally sourced ingredients made in a brand new state of the art kitchen in Kentucky. Acana’s dog food costs a pretty penny, but it’s worth every cent.
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