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Spoil Your Pup With These Mouthwatering Treats

Spoil Your Pup With These Mouthwatering Treats

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Dog treats are essential for every dog owner.

Once you have your pups nutritional foundation taken care of with a healthy diet, treats are the icing on the cake.

Treats can be used for snacks in between meals, rewards for good behavior, or for flat out spoiling your pup.

But, not all treats are created equal. There are treats made from human grade ingredients, and then there are the ones that are not.

The treats that are not made from human grade ingredients are not necessarily bad per se. It’s just that they are usually made from low grade ingredients and contain artificial preservatives.

Human grade dog treats on the other hand are made with real ingredients like high quality animal protein and contain zero preservatives.

For example, chicken jerky is made from… You guessed it. Chicken.

And that’s the only ingredient you will find in Human Grade Chicken Jerky treats.

Here are a few recommended companies making delicious Human Grade treats.

The Best Dog Treats

1. NomNomNow

NomNomNow, a leading pet food company, has mouthwatering treats available. You can choose from either Chicken Jerky or Beef Jerky. Both are delicious & healthy. Check out the videos below where their pet nutrition experts go into more detail about their healthy treats.

Chicken Jerky

Beef Jerky

2. Ollie

Ollie has 4 different treats to choose from. You can choose Savory Beef Strips, Sweet Potato Slices (yum!), Tasty Chicken Strips, and Trusty Turkey Strips. All these different treats ensures your pup will never get bored. They even have instructional videos that show dog owners how to make their own healthy treats.

Sweet Potato Slices

3. Tylee’s

Less is certainly more when it comes to Tylee’s human-grade treats. They use only one ingredient per recipe – pure meat! Another thing we like is they follow a natural curing process, which means there’s no added preservatives. You can choose from (or all!) five kinds of delicious jerky treat bites. These protein nibbles are a perfect low calorie treat for your dog.

4. Spot Farms

Spot Farms believes in knowing where your food comes from. You can rest easy knowing their human grade dog treats are sourced entirely from farms in the USA, and made with free range, organic chicken, locally grown turkey or cage free duck. Choose from a variety of options like Cranberry Sweet Potato Turkey Jerky and Chicken Apple Sausage. These treats will surely hit the spot!

5. Full Moon

Full Moon is solely focused on making high quality dog treats. All ingredients are grown and sourced in the USA from family farmers and each treat starts with USDA approved, human grade meat. They offer four types of treats. We recommend having a few on hand for different occasions! Choose from Organic Chicken or Cage-Free Duck training treats, eight kinds of fingerlicking jerky like Organic Beef and Natural Cut Pork, specialty gourmet snacks in six flavors like Chicken + Sweet Potato and Chicken Apple Sausage, and four kinds of artisanal treats that make our mouths water. Try our favorite, Honey Peach Pork Jerky, your dog will be wagging his tail for more!

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