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A Simple Way To Test Your Dogs Gut Health

A Simple Way To Test Your Dogs Gut Health

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Did you know that you and your dog’s gut are not all that different?

For example, while there are structural differences between the GI tract of a dog and that of a human, we both rely on trillions of bacteria to help keep us healthy.

Like with humans, all dogs have a unique makeup of microbiomes (microorganisms in the gut) that help mediate the impact of diet on bodyweight.

Recent estimates are suggesting that over half of all dogs in the Western world are above their ideal weight. We can only imagine how many dogs are suffering from poor gut health because of a poor diet.

Diet and Gut Health

Because diet and gut health are interconnected, studies found that there was a larger shift in the overall composition of the microbiome when dogs ate high protein / low carbohydrate (HPLC) food compared to low protein / high carbohydrate food (LPHC), which can lead to an overall healthier gut.

Every dog has a unique internal make up which explains why some dogs are allergic to something and why some dogs are not, why some dogs get sick easier and why some dogs don’t, etc.

Aside from genetic differences due to breed and genes, diet plays a huge role in influencing gut health. With a healthy gut, dogs are in a better position to carry on living happy carefree lives. With an unhealthy gut, dogs can suffer.

When a dog has an unhealthy gut, some can get “lucky” and only suffer from mild symptoms, like constipation, itchy bellies, and licking their paws. For the unlucky, an unhealthy gut could lead to terrible things like infection, diabetes, or even worse.

How do you know if your pup may have an unhealthy gut? Symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Allergies
  • Skin conditions
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

Influencing Gut Health

Being able to influence dogs gut health through diet is something health conscious pet parents are taking note of which explains why more and more pet parents are feeding their dogs fresh food. This is a great start and may very well alleviate or improve your pup’s symptoms.

But, what if the symptoms went away and you had no idea your pups long term health could be compromised because they still had an imbalance of healthy gut bacteria?

You would have no idea unless you proactively tested for it. Because every dog is different, it’s impossible to really know what’s going on inside that little tummy of theirs without doing some kind of test.

To get the full picture isn’t an easy process, researchers had to invest a lot of time and money figuring this stuff out. But, over time they’ve been able to make a lot of progress.

As a result of these efforts, today there’s a handful of companies that can simplify gut health and offer a real solution for pet parents in the form of affordable inhome testing kits that are easy and simple to use.

Take for example, NomNomNow, a leading fresh pet food company. NomNomNow offers a Microbiome testing kit in addition to their flagship dog food for a holistic, well rounded approach to pet health & wellness.

While you can also purchase inhome testing kits from other companies like Hemopet & AnimalBiome, we recommend trying NomNomNow simply because their testing kits are integrated with their food and work together seamlessly.

For example, after getting the results, you can speak directly with one of their pet nutrition experts who can guide you and your pup to a healthier gut through supplementation and / or personalized diet recommendations. This kind of service is unheard of in the pet food industry.

The kit costs only $59.99. Check it out below.

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