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Crafted Kibble Review

Crafted Kibble Review

by Top10BestDogFood Staff

Updated September 8, 2020

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Pet parents are increasingly interested in an alternative to the highly processed kibble they (unknowingly) give their pets. Natural foods already contain the required minerals and nutrients, undoubtedly, so there is no need for synthetic fortification.

Crafted Kibble is one of the popular alternatives to lower-quality pet food, offering nutrient-packed and natural dog food that tastes good. The company provides customized dog food that meets the unique needs of your pup, with numerous formulas available and pricing to fit any budget.

Why Crafted Kibble?

You get the convenience of kibble, but with the reassurance that its formulation meets your pup’s dietary needs.

Contrary to popular belief, grains, in moderation, are healthy for dogs to eat. Crafted Kibble uses grains in moderation as opposed to many low quality kibble products that are using grains mainly as fillers without any nutritional value.

The wide selection of choices from Crafted Kibble also makes it a popular choice for owners of canines with allergies or other dietary restrictions. It is also very convenient, as the food gets delivered right to your door, without any need to run to the store.

How it Works

Crafted Kibble customizes its food offerings based on your dog’s dietary needs. This begins when you create a pet profile for your pup. You input all of the relevant information, including age, gender, breed, weight, medical conditions, activity level, and even preferences.

Crafted Kibble then suggests a meal plan. If you decide to sign up, you’ll receive the dog food right at your door, always pre-portioned into convenient single servings.

Their service is flexible so you can cancel your deliveries with ease. You can also easily skip deliveries if you go on vacation or temporarily do not need the food for some reason.

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Variety of Food

Crafted Kibble offers a strong combination of food offerings. The only limitation is that you can only get kibble from them, not wet food or treats. Even so, there are flavors and formulas available to meet every dogs’ needs. The protein sources include trout, salmon, lamb, chicken, or turkey. You can opt for a grain-free recipe or get one with brown rice or oats. Fats can include flaxseeds or fish oil. Mix and match for nearly endless blends.


Quality of Ingredients

Their recipes always include a high-quality primary protein source, such as chicken, salmon, lamb, trout, and turkey. From there, the food products include wholesome vegetables with some quality grains. Crafted Kibble never uses grains as fillers.

Each recipe delivers the necessary minerals and vitamins, promoting the overall health of your pet, including the brain, coat, and skin. Crafted Kibble also outlines explicitly the benefits of each ingredient on its website, as well as what types of dogs they are suitable for. For example, trout is a common choice for dogs with allergies, while lamb is highly digestible.

You will notice that Crafted Kibble’s ingredient lists are jam packed with natural substances, such as rosemary extract, etc. Those who want to understand every ingredient may need to look up some terms.

The inclusion of grains in some formulas is made with care, as carbs help with brain function and fiber intake. Crafted Kibble lets you choose a grain-free formula, or it offers brown rice for B vitamins, iron, phosphorus, or calcium. It also provides oats for fiber, thiamin, folate, and phosphorus.

The ingredients are all U.S.-sourced, and Crafted Kibble prides itself on ensuring their quality. Products have recognizable ingredients, instead of ambiguous chemical names. The food is also in full compliance with the AAFCO regulations.


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Get a Quote

Because Crafted Kibble customizes its food offerings for your canine, the price will vary. The company bases the price on factors such as size, breed, activity level, and suggested food items. Pricing for small breeds and puppies starts at $5 per week, medium breeds beginning at $9 per week, and large breeds at $12 per week. All products include free delivery. Get your quote here.


Crafted Kibble offers an online chat to make it easy to contact them. Visiting the Contact Us page gives you the option to fill out a contact form as well as the information for calling or emailing the company. Keep in mind that the company is open on weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You can also contact the company via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Bottomline

Crafted Kibble offers customized kibble that meets the specific needs of your canine. Each formula is determined based on factors like your dog’s age, breed, medical conditions, activity level, and preferences. Crafted Kibble delivers the food to your door in pre-packaged single-serving bags for convenience. The company does an excellent job of offering a range of natural options.
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