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Hill’s Review

Hill’s Review

by Top10BestDogFood Staff

Updated October 12, 2019

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Established in 1939 by a visionary doctor in clinical nutrition and expert in pet food, Hill’s Science Diet has stayed true to its roots as a nutrition-first pet food company. Hill’s is a global company with their own Hill’s Pet Nutrition Center in Topeka, Kansas consisting of a staff of veterinarians and nutrition specialists alongside companion pets to develop nutritious and tasty pet food.

Why Hill’s?

Whether it’s conducting industry-leading research, selecting ingredients, or analyzing nutrient levels in their products, Hill’s puts science first to meet the high needs our pets deserve. Their recipes are carefully chosen with balanced high-quality ingredients to ensure pets get the precise formulation they need. Before the final food product goes out, they physically inspect and test each bag to ensure all contain key nutrients. Their website also contains helpful education material on health conditions, guide to choosing the best dog food, and how to get started as a new doggy parent.

Biology-based Nutrition

Hill’s has been driven by science since their inception in 1939. Equipped with knowledge, research and 220+ experts as vets, scientists and pet nutritionists, they develop recipes using biology-based nutrition for healthy, long lives. Predictive Biology, their approach to creating optimal nutrition, involves selecting ingredients and nutrients to work with a pet’s biology. Each variety of dog food emphasizes certain needs like achieving a healthy weight, improving quality of life, improving skin and coat, and fighting aging.

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The Bottomline

Hill’s Science Diet offers plant-based dry dog food using a modest amount of meats as its main sources of animal protein, in line with dog food standards. With science and research as their driving force, Hill’s carefully creates healthy, easy to digest and scientifically-developed foods for specific needs like supporting mobility. Their delicious formulas will leave bowls squeaky clean.
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