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NaturVet Review

NaturVet Review

by Top10BestDogFood Staff

Updated August 23, 2020

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NaturVet aims to provide dogs, cats, and horses with natural supplements to help with quality and life, helping those animals live pain-free.

The inspiration for the company began in 1994 when the founders’ white labrador, Winston, received a diagnosis of hip dysplasia and arthritis. Instead of following the advice of vets who suggested putting him down, the founders worked with Dr. Pedro Rivera, a holistic veterinarian, and looked into alternative medicine. Within a few months, they had created a joint formula that was all-natural and gave Winston the ability to enjoy 10 more years of a happy, healthy life.

Now, NaturVet has been in business for more than 20 years, manufacturing products that aim to ensure pets can live their lives as they deserve to.

Why NaturVet?

NaturVet gives you plenty of reasons to consider the brand. They have 20 years of experience, showing a strong track record since officially opening in 1994. The facility that the company uses is FDA-registered and complies with cGMP Standards, plus undergoes third-party auditing.

Additionally, since 2006, NaturVet has had its NaturVet Foundation. As part of this foundation, a portion of all the product sales gets donated to Pet Rescue Groups. The NaturVet Foundation is purely volunteer-run, something which further minimizes administrative fees and expenses.

As part of the NaturVet Foundation, you can also make a donation and receive a gift pack in return and the company participates in educational programs.

How it Works

NaturVet relies solely on natural formulas that contain ingredients known to help with pain or anxiety relief.

The product line is extensive, including options for dogs, cats, and horses. They include calming aids, all-in-one care, cardiovascular, digestive aids, pain relief, flea repellants, grooming aids, joint health, senior wellness, enzymes and probiotics, stool and bowel health, skin and coat care, vitamins and immune support, training aids, and even GrassSaver and lawn care products.

Quality Assurance

Garmon Corp., the company behind NaturVet, operates in a facility that is fully compliant with cGMP Standards and meets the highest standards in the industry. The facility is also registered and audited by the FDA and undergoes third-party auditing by U.L. Labs. NaturVet also has the NASC Seal on its labels, a seal that is associated with quality assurance.

For further quality assurance, NaturVet takes various precautions during production, including tests throughout the process. To start, the company only uses ingredients that come from reputable suppliers and it quarantines those ingredients as soon as it receives them. Before using any ingredients, NaturVet uses a state-of-the-art near-infrared spectroscope to confirm the ingredients’ identity and has a third-party lab test the ingredients three times to ensure they meet the claims of their Certificate of Analysis. Ingredients are also tested for microbial elements, including E.coli and salmonella.

Following production, all NaturVet products go through additional testing, including E.coli, salmonella, yeast and mold, heterotrophic plate count, and/or enterobacteriaceae, depending on the product type. Finally, testing confirms that the product matches the claims of the label.

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Best Option For Anxiety Relief in Dogs

Among the many products from NaturVet, you will find Quiet Moments Calming Aids, these are natural calming chews that are an excellent option for dogs who experience stress and tension. They can help with high-stress situations, such as fireworks, storms, grooming, and travel.

Since this product comes in the form of chews, dogs love them and think that they are just normal treats. The chews contain a unique blend of L-Tryptophan and thiamine, a combination that reduces tension and stress. They also contain melatonin to promote relaxation and rest. There is also ginger to support sensitive stomachs, something which is particularly helpful for those who need natural calming chews for travel.

To use these chews, just give one of them to your dog about half an hour before the stressful situation.

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NaturVet makes it easy to contact the company for support. There is an online contact form that asks for your email address and filling it out typically gives you a response within two days. Alternatively, you can call one of two phone numbers, with 951 and 888 area codes, respectively.

Like most companies, NaturVet also interacts with customers on social media, so you can contact them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

180-day guarantee

NaturVet, as part of Garman Corporation, offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee when you purchase the product from an authorized reseller. You will just need to supply proof of purchase that is from the past six months. Alternatively, you can supply the product label and your purchasing information.

The Bottomline

Like many similar companies, NaturVet developed from the founders’ goal of helping their own dog with health problems. With more than 20 years of experience and production in facilities that meet cGMP Standards and are FDA-regulated, there are plenty of reasons to be confident in the products from NaturVet. The company offers a vast range of products, from natural calming chews to liquids to powders, designed to help with a range of ailments. You should enjoy peace of mind while your dog, cat, or horse experiences relief when you use the NaturVet products.
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