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Nom Nom Review

Nom Nom Review

by Top10BestDogFood Staff

Updated August 20, 2021

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Switching to fresh food is on every pet parents mind these days. Dog and cat owners are becoming increasingly aware of the harmful ingredients that highly processed and synthetically fortified dry foods possess.

By delivering freshly made dog food to your door, Nom Nom (formerly NomNomNow) offers a simple way to boost your pets well-being. The benefits that Nom Nom’s food provides for dogs and cats worldwide are first and foremost, health-oriented.

The delicious recipes, free delivery, and shiny coats are just the cherry on top. For dog and cat lovers who are concerned with their pets health – this is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Why Nom Nom?

What sets Nom Nom apart from its many competitors is that the company focuses on health before all else. Your pups health is more important to them than the high-quality ingredients, professional veterinary chefs in their grade-A kitchens, the complimentary delivery service, and even free guides for transitioning your dog from dry to fresh food. A healthy pup or kitty means many more years of furry kisses and this can be accomplished by knowing what ingredients are in your dog’s food. We also love that they have a veterinary nutrition expert, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, as part of their staff. This is a company that uses a science based approach to providing your pup healthy nutrition.

How it Works

Nom Nom takes a tailored approach to dog and cat food. In order to assess the best and healthiest option for your pet, you need to fill out a questionnaire with a few simple and precise questions. Once the experts at Nom Nom know your pets weight, age, activity level, and health conditions, you can choose between a wide variety of recipes. Once your order is processed, the chefs get to work preparing the customized meal for your pet with exact measurements of advised calorie intake. The food is then delivered to your door – free of charge. Keep in mind the food arrives fresh, but Nom Nom guarantees satisfaction if you need to freeze it for a few days.

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Variety of Food

Nom Nom understands that some dogs may be picky eaters while others require nutrients from a wide range of foods. For this reason, they offer 4 delicious recipes, and even let you mix & match the recipes to see which one your pup loves the most. Most importantly, all meals come with a transparent and easy to ready description of the ingredients so that your pup isn’t ingesting something you aren’t aware of.
Nom Nom offers healthy treats as well. The chicken and beef jerky are made from human grade USDA certified chicken breast and sirloin beef, and comes free with your first order and can easily be added after. After seeing the results from the healthier food, you won’t be thinking twice about buying treats.


nom nom fresh dog food

Quality of Ingredients

All dogs are different and therefore have different health conditions. Not only does Nom Nom provide transparent information as to what is in their recipes but they provide a breakdown of every ingredient and its nutrient breakdown. In addition, they provide a description of how each element will improve the health of your pet.
Another great thing about their ingredients and recipes is that there are different ones for cats. Cats have different health needs than dogs and Nom Nom scores a lot of points for understanding this.


Our Favorite Recipe

Heartland Beef Mash*

Nom Nom's Heartland Beef Hash


Ground beef: Protein, vitamins & minerals for strong bones Potatoes: Energy producing & potassium packed Carrots: Vitamin A – and more – for keeping eyes healthy Peas: Fiber, Vitamin A, C, K & B6, and minerals galore Egg: Exactly the protein, calcium, iron & zinc dogs need. Nom Nom Nutrient Mix: Expertly formulated nutrition blend Fish oil: Omega Fatty Acids for a healthy coat

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein 90g 32% of calories
Fat 52g 44% of calories
Carbs 69g 24% of calories

Why these ingredients?

Get a Quote

Meals start as low as $3 per day, but since all plans are tailored to your pets unique dietary needs, your exact quote will vary. So the best way to know what you’ll be paying is to simply request a quote.

Dog eating healthy food


Their team consists of professionals & pet nutrition experts. From Dr. Justin Shmalberg, one of the worlds foremost experts in veterinary nutrition who formulated the recipes, to your very own personal account managers, Nom Nom has got you and your pet covered. You can also check out their Youtube channel as they have lots of helpful content there as well.

30 day Guarantee

Nom Nom is so sure that they can improve your pets health within 30 days that if you don’t see weight loss, an extra pep in your pups step, and/or a shinier coat, they promise to pay for your next choice of dog food, with proof of purchase and limited to $40.

The Bottomline

With more than half of our dogs being overweight or obese, there is a clear problem that needs to be solved. Nom Nom is tackling this huge problem and making dogs healthy again, with one meal at a time. The benefits of fresh meat, fish, and vegetables are endless and so simple to achieve when you sit back and let the experts do the hard work for you. We believe that Nom Nom is setting new high standards and leading the dog food industry in the right direction.
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