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Pet Plate Review

Pet Plate Review

by Top10BestDogFood Staff

Updated August 18, 2021

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From one pet-loving entrepreneurs initiative to your front door, comes Pet Plate, a subscription-based dog food delivery service for healthier, tastier, and effortless meals. For Pet Plate, the key to ensuring nutritional adequacy and dog satisfaction is 100% Human Grade dog food.

Why Pet Plate?

Made by dog lovers for dog lovers, Pet Plate offers a unique approach to dog food. Pet Plate is ideal if you believe that your dog deserves nutritional food made with the same ingredients that health-conscious human food is made with. By eliminating mysterious complicated ingredients that bigger dog food companies use, dog owners can and should be in the know of what their dog is eating so that they can make healthier decisions for them. The meals are tailor-made for your dog, and take into account critical factors such as weight, breed, and health conditions.

Similar to the effort people are making to consume healthier food, Pet Plate realizes that households are more likely to follow a healthy lifestyle, for all members of the family, if it’s as close to hassle-free as possible. For all those dog owners who’ve opted for a more expensive bag just because it was smaller and easier to carry home – this is the solution for you. PetPlate delivers 100% fresh, veterinary formulated dog food right to your doorstep. We agree that a nutritional and hearty meal for your dog should no longer be just an option, it should be the only one.

How It Works

In 3 easy steps, you can get started with a 14-day meal plan that has been chosen and prepared specifically for your dog by industry professionals. You’ll start by creating a free profile and then choose between 4 delicious recipes.

What if your dog is slightly chubby? There’s a plan for that.

What if your vet suggested improving protein intake? There’s a plan for that.

How about if he/she is still a puppy and not yet an adult dog? There’s a plan for that.

Pet Plate will offer your dog a tailored meal plan that includes all nutritional requirements, vitamins & minerals, etc. In addition to your dog’s ready-to-eat healthy meals, instructions on how to transition your dog to the new food come inside your trial box. Also, the experts at PetPlate are always there for you if you need help deciding what is best for your dog.

Did we mention that the boxes containing your dog’s meals are recyclable? This scored a few more points from us.

Pet Plate Coupon

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Variety of Food

With Pet Plate, you get to choose between a chicken, turkey, beef, or lamb recipe. You may already know your dogs preference, or perhaps you want to try something new. Either way, every meal consists of fresh and delicious produce, high quality vitamin & minerals, and no artificial ingredients. All their meals are hand-made by professional pet chefs.

Quality of Ingredients

All of the ingredients in PetPlate’s meals are hand-picked by dietary professionals and complement one another to make for healthy and nutritious meals. There are no artificial ingredients, and all meals are made in the US.

Our Favorite Recipe

Barkin’ Beef*


Beef, sweet potatoes, potatoes, beef liver, carrots, apples, green peas, pumpkin, dicalcium phosphate, safflower oil, salmon oil, calcium carbonate, salt, proprietary supplement blend (vitamin E, ferrous fumarate, zinc oxide, manganese gluconate, thiamine mononitrate, magnesium oxide, potassium iodide, sodium selenite, vitamin D3)

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein 7.9% min, as fed
Fat 5.5% max, as fed
Fiber 0.9% max
Moisture 74.7% max
Calorie Content 41 Kcal/oz calculated


All plans are tailor-made and customized for every dog. Therefore, there is no standard price for the subscription model, as it depends on a few factors, like your dogs age, size, weight, etc.

Meals start at under $3 a day. In addition, you can choose from different subscription options like weekly, monthly, or yearly, which is also factored in to pricing.


Pet Plate boasts a team of doggy professionals for assistance in meal prep and dietary planning. Usually, the questionnaire and recommended ingredients answer most questions and concerns for customers. If your dog has a medical problem, you should ask your veterinarian if PetPlate is the best option for your dog.

Money-Back Guarantee

Pet Plate assures customers that if your dogs bowl or plate is not licked squeaky clean, then there is an 100% money back guarantee. There are four different meal options and they all are as delicious as promised.

The Bottomline

Pet Plate is a great dog food provider for modern households. By eliminating any stress involved in planning, shopping for, and preparing healthy meals for your dog, PetPlate offers a simple and effective alternative for dog parents who need a hand in making sure their dogs nutrition covers everything he/she needs.
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