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Taste of the Wild Review

Taste of the Wild Review

by Top10BestDogFood Staff

Updated July 21, 2020

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Taste of The Wild is owned and operated by one family, and offers high-quality, yet affordable pet food. Inspired by the idea that no one knows what dogs and cats should eat better than their own DNA, they created pet food offering the complete nutrition that nature has intended for your dog or cat. Taste of the Wild is one of the fastest-growing pet food brands in the world, and for good reason. Their products are premium quality at an affordable price.

Why Taste of the Wild?

Taste of the Wild goes above and beyond that of traditional dog food brands. Their pet food is packed with flavor and nutrition that dogs inner wolves crave. On top of that, their products are made in five state-of-the-art facilities in the USA. Their priority is to source ingredients of exceptional quality.

Quality Assurance

Each of their recipes are designed by their veterinarians and nutritionists to meet specific nutritional requirements and adhere to strict quality and safety standards. They also monitor ingredients, the production environment & processes, and finished products to ensure the quality and safety of their pet food. They perform over 6,000 ingredient nutritional tests and over 45,000 product nutritional tests per month.

Also, where many pet food companies are more interested in saving money by constantly switching sources, Taste of the Wild fosters long-term relationships with trusted suppliers.

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Best Option For Adult Dogs

Why this recipe? Because it is formulated with novel proteins such as real smoked salmon, and delivers highly-digestible energy your active pup needs. This recipe also includes powerful antioxidants from fruits and vegetables to support a healthy and strong immune system and overall health for normally active adult dogs.


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Best Option For Small Breed Adult Dogs

Similar to the recipe above, this recipe is highly digestible and is made of smaller kibble size to make it easier on small breeds tummy’s. This formula is also rich in proteins and fat which provides the energy that small breed dogs need.


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Best Option For Puppies

This grain-free recipe provides ideal amounts of highly digestible energy for growing puppies. This recipe is similar to the small breed recipe where you will find smaller kibble sizes, but because of the unique flavors from roasted meats, vegetables, legumes, and fruits, puppies will enjoy these nutrients they need for overall vitality. Your puppy will also enjoy the added DHA (omega-3 fatty acid) which helps support brain and vision development in puppies.


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The Bottomline

Taste of the Wild is giving dogs the nutrition their inner wolves crave at an affordable price. Whether you’re a first time pet parent or a seasoned pet parent, you and your pup will enjoy the delicious dog food of Taste of the Wild.
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